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Goop’s First-Ever Vibrator Is Here—And She’s a Beauty

A toy so pretty you wouldn't be judged for intentionally leaving it on your nightstand.

Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! Goop, your go-to source for super-powered skincare, wellness tips and, of course normalizing topics like mental health and female pleasure, has released its first vibrator, just in time for the day of love. Because what’s more important than self-love?

Meet the new Goop Double-Sided Wand Vibrator, a toy so cute you might not be so quick to hide in it your bottom drawer. (But who’s surprised? Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand is known for its aesthetically pleasing wares. As Kiki Koroshetz, Wellness Director of Content at Goop, tells me: “Because it’s Goop, beyond designing a vibrator that was effective and ergonomic and functional, we spent serious time on the aesthetic. The final design, as you can see, is sculptural and there’s a fun pop of colour. If you’re inclined to leave the vibrator on your nightstand, it might even bring a little joy just to see it there.”

It’s also thoughtfully engineered, with one round end for external massage and the other slim end for targeted stimulation; each side features eight different pulsating patterns with varying intensities. But creating the Goop vibe didn’t just happen overnight. “This vibrator was about eighteen months in the making,” says Koroshetz. “Our team has tested many vibrators over the years — tough job but someone has to do it, right? We had some favourite features that we wanted to include and some upgrades we wanted to incorporate.”

A photo of the first-ever Goop vibrator in its white and pink box
Photography courtesy of Goop

Koroshetz goes on to explain the features that were non-negotiable in the Goop vibrator. “Wand massagers have that rumbly external vibration that works for people who get off quick and for people who need extra stimulation. We wanted one end of the vibrator to be the ultimate wonder-ball wand. And it is — it packs a lot of power,” she says. “But we wanted more. So the other end is slim for targeted stimulation and can be used externally or internally. It’s all made of body-safe silicone and is very soft to the touch, but this slim end is bendy, which is pretty unique.”

She adds that beyond technical prowess and an artful design, the toy has all the “unsexy practical details that felt like no-brainers to us but that are missing from other vibrators.” She explains: “It’s waterproof. It’s got a travel lock (we’ll be able to travel again someday, right?). And it has a rechargeable battery with an LED display, so you can see how much time you have left until you need to plug the vibrator in, which means it won’t die on you when you really don’t want it to.”

Slightly intimidated by the eight different intensity settings (or vibrational patterns, as Koroshetz calls them)? She says don’t be. “Using the vibrator is simple and intuitive — first-timers welcome — and there are two easy-to-reach buttons.”

And as Koroshetz stresses, self-pleasure is worth investing your time in. “What turns you on? How do you meet your desires? When do you feel most connected to yourself? I think carving out the time and space to explore those questions and to explore pleasure is a worthy way of taking care of yourself.”

The Goop Double-Sided Wand Vibrator is available as of February 14 exclusively on